Sunday, May 5, 2013

We Seek After These Things

The 13th Article of Faith says:
lds young womens theme 
Unfortunately, in the world we live in now, it is so hard to find things that fit this criteria! I have always loved to read, but as I have grown older it has become progressively harder to find books that are clean and good reads! Thankfully, one author in particular has come to the rescue.  

If any of you aren't familiar with Jenni James, I encourage you to read her books.  They are great for teens and adults: my mom and I both love them.  She has started a series (The Jane Austen Diaries), which are great modern romance books based on the storyline of Jane Austen books.  Whether you are Jane Austen fan or not, you will love them!  They are all definitely virtuous, praiseworthy, and of good report.  And, may I add, that some of the male roles are quite lovely <3. 

I have to say that the book Persuaded in the series is my favorite, but they are all so good!


She also has a Faerie Tale Collection that is in the process.  I haven't had the chance to read any of these yet, but I know they are clean and have heard they are amazing!

It is always a relief any time I can find books, movies, or TV shows that are uplifting.  Thank you Jenni!

Here is a link to her website and Facebook page.  You should really check her out!


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