Monday, April 15, 2013

Gettin' Up Early In the Mornin'

Here is my typical morning routine:

4:45 - Alarm clock goes off.....SNOOZE.
4:55 - Alarm clock goes off again...SNOOZE.
5:05 - Alarm clock goes off one last time, and (usually) I start to come to terms with the fact that it is morning and I will  to get up.
5:07 - Morning prayer
5:10 - Begin getting ready for the day (Straighten/braid my hair, choose an outfit, etc.)
5:40 - Breakfast
5:50 - Leave the house for Seminary

So, at this point I am all ready for school and pulling out of the driveway for the church while most of my friends are probably just now waking up. You may be asking yourself why I would do this when I could allow myself another hour of well-needed sleep. Sometimes, I ask myself the same thing. So, to clear up the situation for all of us, I've made a list.

The TOP 10 Reasons I Go To Seminary :)

10.I don't have to ride the bus.

(And if that's not reason enough, here are 9 more)

9. Food Fridays (Yum!)
8. Playing Scripture Mastery Games with Fly Swatters
7. Random Hilarious Comments
6. Being mostly awake by the time I get to school because I have been awake for 2.5 hours already
5. Laughing at Cheesy Scripture Mastery Songs
4. Hanging out with some awesome friends that share 
the same values.
3. Learning from the coolest teachers on the planet 
(The Fedors are amazing!)
2. Being able to quote 25 New Testament Scriptures from memory (eventually 100 total scriptures)
1. Having a spiritually uplifting beginning to my day that puts me in an amazing attitude and helps me to feel closer to my Heavenly Father throughout the day.

What more could I ask for? Yes, I love my sleep, but early-morning Seminary is one of my greatest blessings ever! :)

Oh, and watch this video to see what our living prophet thinks about seminary! (It's pretty cool :)

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  1. Seminary is awesome. I really really wish I could go every day. See, I'm a convert except for the I-haven't-been-baptized-yet part. I gotta wait till I turn 18. But it will happen. Anywho, my Catholic parents believe sleep and homework are much much more important than seminary. Plus I get massive headaches when I don't get enough sleep. Sooo I've been to seminary approximately 6 times this school year. *Fun times* But I totally agree with you, it's the bestest thing ever :D

    <3 Marie-Rose